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Top Indian Influencers on Kindda

Top Indian Influencers on Kindda

by Kindda Team

Thanks to social media, we can watch top Indian influencers ‎out of their usual role and interact with them easily!


Actually, through social media everyone is a celebrity. 

In the case of Kindda, this is more than true! The platform empowers talented people and spreads their fame across the ‎Kindda Universe!

No wonder that our beloved celebrities are already ‎here with their hidden talent videos and launched video ‎‎#challenges.


Let’s have a look at top Indian influencers who are already on ‎Kindda.

Aditi Sharma

This heartthrob ‎is a Kindda active user and regularly posts videos with her hidden talents. Seems modeling and acting are not the only talents she has. She also boasts her flexible body, particularly … arms))


Recently she shared her #kinddatalent video on her Kinnda channel and called her fans to remix her video under the hashtag #adititalent.

Abishek and Siddharth Nigams

The hottest siblings of Indian television are on Kindda also! Nigam brothers post their short videos, showing their acrobatic talents to the world and pushing their fans to follow their example. Recently they launched a challenge, calling their fans to share their hidden talents with the promise to show the best ones on their pages. You can participate in Nigams challenges by posting your videos under the hashtags #abishektalent and #siddharthtalent

Hasley India

Have you seen Hasley India’s recent “Sharing Flat with Neighbour” video? Then you know how Kindda can unite loving hearts. Famous for its life-taken sketches and spinoffs Hasley India shot a whole video, where Kindda was featured. In the videos, two young people come together, while shooting various talent videos on Kindda. And the plot twist at the end of the video is so funny! Hasley India team also has a Kindda account, where you can watch their #kindda videos and take part in their #hasleyindia challenge.

Chotu DaDa

When a famous YouTube comedian like Chotu DaDa joins Kindda, it speaks volumes! Recently Chotu not only joined the platform but also appeared in Khandeshi Movie’s video, where he demonstrated his bubblegum balloon-blowing #kinddatalent. The video was hilarious and gained about 10 mln views in just a week! Check it out, also join Chotu’s Kindda account, shoot your #kinddatalent videos, and tag your favorite celebrity.

In the era of social networks, communication became easy ‎and fast, people have certainly become closer and more ‎accessible. With Kindda this bond becomes tighter as people here are united in terms of empowering each other and sharing their talents. Here on Kindda everyone’s a star, worth being admired!

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Very nice

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So good app

Kshma gupta August 27, 2021 - 6:25 am

So good app

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Very nyc for kindda


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