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Reinvent Your Social Media Presence On Kindda​

by Kindda Team

Kindda is the hottest photo-video editor that takes social media to the next level. It’s a whole new platform to build a loyal following. In many ways, Kindda is picking up where Tiktok and Likee left off. By breaking social media app stereotypes and providing everyone with a real opportunity to pave their way to fame!


Many short video-sharing apps have been taking the fall whether for their lack of transparency or creativity. Meanwhile, Kindda brings the familiar comforts of short video apps plus puts a new spin on the social media experience. These aren’t just a few extra features. Kindda actually provides a step-by-step guide on how to build your profile and grow your following. Here’s how:

Kindda Video Posts

A video post is perfect for quick videos that you can edit and share with the world in no time. The app encourages videos of practically any length from 6 seconds to longer.


Once you shoot a video you can make edits including adding smilies, emojis, and selecting your favorite filters. You can rotate videos as well as use the flash and determine what speed you want the video to run. This means you can do slow motion or even speed the video up to show a timelapse.


Since not all videos are best shot while holding your phone, the timer lets you set the phone down just in time to hop in front of the camera.


Another notable feature is the Beauty Mode. This can come in handy especially when filming selfie videos or videos that are close up on your face. The smooths out any imperfections and leaves you with a cool, fresh, natural look.


The most recent feature that really makes videos come alive is Music. With the music feature, you can overlap your video with selected music from your phone.

Kindda Photo Posts

Video is the default post type that comes up when you hit the post creation +. But Kindda users also love a good snapshot. Once you hit the + sign you’ll see your camera turn on. To switch, just hit “Photo” written right above the round recording button in the lower middle part of your screen.


When creating photo posts add texts (format them however you like), stickers, crop, and also play around with photo exposure.

Always Here for You!

If you’ve only just downloaded the app, the built-in guide will give you hints and tips on how to get around the app and get the most out of Kindda. Kindda Support (@support) is also available 24/7 to answer any and all questions you may have. The app is user-driven and improvements that are being continuously made are based on feedback from Kindda’s own users.

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