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Introducing Progress Tracking & Incentives to Social Media

by Kindda Team

Have you ever tried to organically build a profile on platforms like Instagram? You may have noticed it’s practically impossible for anyone unless your already an established celebrity. But the point of social media is that anyone can build their fanbase using just their phone and creativity.


What if there was an app that actually helped you build your audience and gave you tips along the way? Well, guess what, there is! It’s Kindda! 


Kindda is literally the only video- photo-editor app that shows each user how to build their social media presence. How you ask – with Levels. Read on for a deep dive into how to level up on Kindda. Plus, learn how to complete daily challenges that will take you to the top.

What are Levels?

The reason why someone’s content appears at the top of a thread on social media apps is that they have a higher ranking. Most apps keep this a secret. But Kindda opens the books and lets each user see what level they’re at.


Once you’ve created a profile on Kindda, you’ll automatically start out at Level 1. Completing tasks like settings profile pic, writing a bio will put you on the right track to boosting your ranking.


Your level is listed at the bottom of your profile pic. To see more about your progress or what you can do to improve your profile, just hit “Lvl.” This will let you know how you can gain points and rewards.

How to Level up

Your journey from advancing from one level to the next is tracked by experience points. Essentially, the more you use the app, the more experience you gain and that helps you level up. 


When you hit the level icon at the bottom of your profile you’ll see the Levels tab open up. First, you can see how many points you have and how many more you need to advance. Then, you can click on Daily Login. This helps you track how many days in a row you’ve used the app. The longer your streak, the more points you earn. For example, a 7-day streak earns you 50 experience points.


The second tab listed is a How-to. This gives you a list of hints on what kind of activity gets you points. Aside from the daily login, you can also earn points when you create engaging content. For every like or comment, your posts get you to earn more points! Similarly, you gain points for every new follower too.

Coming Soon

Kindda continues to create new horizons for levels and more opportunities for you to earn points and level up. The Quests tab will soon become available. This will provide daily tasks to complete within the app that gives you an extra boost!


The main idea behind levels is to encourage users to create content and interact with other people on Kindda.

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