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Kindda – A Haven for Social Influencers & Video Content

by Kindda Team

Nowadays it seems like social media apps only have two categories. Those we know with similar functionalities and ways of working. And the new ones that offer novelty and a different approach, but that we are reluctant to try.


For users, the tendency to stick with one app is understandable since social media was initially invented as a means of connecting with one another. Naturally, wherever most of your friends are is where you will be too. But since then many niche-based apps came to light. Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok serve completely different purposes. Meanwhile, the type of content they encourage and the kind of people that use the apps completely vary.


There is no history of a video-sharing social networking app whose main focus is on people’s talents and skills. This is exactly what Kindda is all about. Kinda is the first app where everyone discovers and shows their talents to a global audience of enthusiastic content creators.

Kindda Makes Social Influencing Easier

Kindda is set up to make influencing on social media and building a loyal fanbase of followers accessible to everyone. This thought process drove the team to create a trackable system (aka Levels). Thus, every user can keep track of their profile building progress and get the most out of Kindda.


To level up on Kindda you just be active on the app. All hints and tips that are listed basically get you to create posts and engage with users’ videos and photos.


As you create more posts, use more editing tools, like and comment on other videos, both your level and followers will go up.

How is Kindda Content Different

Essentially, the overwhelming type of content on Kindda is talents. This is what draws in thousands of new users daily. Any weird talent you have or odd skill will be appreciated on Kindda. Kindda is a community of users who show what they can do and challenge each other to attempt the same tricks. Or, better yet, take each talent one step further.


From tying a knot with your tongue, to chugging a beer with no hands Kindda is the perfect platform for sharing those weird things you wouldn’t do at a party. Or maybe you would…

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