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Happy Halloween: Time to get Kindda Spooky!

Happy Halloween: Time to get Kindda Spooky!

by Kindda Team

November is just around the corner which means all spooky things are crawling into the woods. Booo! 


On the night of October 31, Halloween is celebrated all over the world. People love dressing up as witches and ghouls, putting on the masks of the dead and vampires, walking in this form through the streets or dancing in nightclubs.  Eve of All Saints Day or Halloween comes from an old English “All hallow ees” – Mass of All Saints. 

Halloween - the roots into centuries

A holiday is an ancient Celtic celebration.

Celtic tribes that inhabited England, Ireland, and Northern France believed the year consisted of two parts – winter and summer. According to their calendar, October 31 was the last day of the outgoing year. It also was considered the end of the harvest season and the start of winter. Moreover, celts believed on this night the unseen border of the worlds of the living and the dead mash, and all dark things crawl into their world.  To frighten the dark forces Celts put on animal skins, left the food for the spirits, and gathered around the bonfires.

The pumpkin became the symbol of the day, as it symbolized harvest and intended to scare away evil spirits with the sacred fire that kindled inside.


“Trick or treat” is the Halloween slogan in the United States. Kids like to dress up in creepy costumes, walk around neighboring houses, frighten adults, and those, to appease the “ghosts”, buy off sweets from them. However today, Halloween is celebrated all over the world.

Happy Kindda Halloween, folks!

Now that we’ve gone over Halloween history, let’s make Halloween Kindda Spooky!


Hocus Pocus! Are you going to join our creepy challenge & get 100 Rubies?

Caution...Witches are riding to bring Rubies!

Grab your pumpkin or a creepy mask, light some candles, and open Kindda. We are launching a new Halloween challenge!

Be sure to follow the RULES:


  • Post your Halloween videos with #halloween hashtag
  • Put your video link in the comment section of this post!


The challenge can have 10 winners – 100 Rubies each!

We have made up a special Jury Team from the Content Department to choose 10 videos.


HINT: make it funny, make it creepy to WIN!

Start Date: NOW

End Date: November, 10


Join the challenge, make Halloween Kindda spooky and ruby-full!

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