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Get Rewards on Kindda

Get rewards for your talents on Kindda!

by Kindda Team

Here on Kindda, we believe that everyone deserves rewards for their talents!

Moreover, our core mission was and is to empower and elevate people to demonstrate their talents to the Kindda community and the world! We love this idea so much that we implemented our iconic rewarding (read – monetization) features to exalt you more!

Monetize your achievements with rubies

Kindda users are always go-getters! Here all your activities are valued with the app’s inner currency rubies aiming to make your Kindda experience more meaningful!


Keep in mind – more levels mean more rubies and more popularity.


While the levels are for tracking your in-app progress, rubies are the monetization of your achievements!



Let’s see how you can get more rubies to become a “Kindda rich”!

Buying rubies

The first and the easiest way to fill your wallet is to buy rubies from the platform.

Get rubies for created content!

The next and our favorite way to earn rubies is to become a popular content creator. No, we’re not kidding. The new embedded feature allows you to receive gifts from the fans, and fill your wallet with rubies equal to the price of the sent gifts.

Everyone wins here: the content creators receive encouragement and appreciation for their work, which motivates them to create even more quality content, and the name of the donutor (yes, we call gifters on Kindda donutor :)) appears under the post. This is how Kindda thanks the donuters and encourages good content creators for new deeds.


Share the glory with your favorite creators by giving them gifts!

Receive rubies for the daily logins to the app

Now Kindda rewards rubies for daily activity along with experience points! Get your ruby portion for logging in to the app every 7th day! 

Don’t forget also about daily quests!

Completing your favorite daily quests couldn’t be more beneficial than now! Filling your progress bar can bring you more rubies with new updates, rewarding Kindda lovers for their daily activities in the Quests section.


However, this is not the end!

More levels - more rubies

Let’s finish off the rewards theme for another ruby earning opportunity. Now, the Kindda’s Levels feature not only keeps our users motivated but also fills their wallets with rubies. Seems like Kindda’s giving away rubies for every action taken on the platform!

How to use your rubies

Getting rubies is cool, but how can you use them later? In Kindda, we don’t create anything just like that. You can use your rubies for the following purposes:

  • Send gifts to your favorite content creators, encouraging and supporting them. When the bloggers receive a gift, their wallets are filled with rubies equal to the gift price.
  • Rubies are not just Kindda’s virtual currency, they are equal to real money! So we didn’t just mention that by collecting rubies you become “Kindda rich”
  • With the upcoming updates, you can buy promotions using rubies. More rubies, more promotions, more popularity!

Collect rubies and become Kindda star!

Everyone should be rewarded with rubies!

We are always excited to share the good news! So, on Kindda, we’re always up to make your Kindda experience unlimited, simply the best. We’re always eager to empower and support you in case you’re craving more rewards for your Kindda activity. We know you love Kindda just like Kindda loves you back! So why, we’re sure – everyone should be rewarded with rubies!

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