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How much do influencers charge in 2021

Influencer rates: How much do influencers charge in 2021

by Kindda Team

Parasites and idlers! – This is how many people respond, ‎discussing social media influencers (bloggers). Meanwhile, blogging is one of the dream jobs today not only for teens but also for those who are bored in the offices. Why? Well, ‎let us discuss their salaries and no such question will arise. ‎Blogging, perhaps, is the most popular and talked about topic in ‎marketing over the past few years. Surely, the social media ‎influencer job today is no worse than any others.

Social media made a tremendous revolution in terms of ‎bringing forth new professions. Blogging became a new ‎buzzword – an unlimited, impactful way of journalism, where ‎everyone can spread the word and make their voice listenable. ‎Informal language, frequent updates, unlimited opportunities ‎for any media creator, and the ability to interact with the ‎audience: this is what distinguishes blogging from journalism.‎

How influencer marketing started

Influencer marketing is very popular today. It’s one of the most ‎working ways to reach the target audience on social media. However, influencers charging rates vary widely depending on ‎many factors. The boom of influencer marketing started with the growing popularity of some social media platforms when ‎the first millionaire bloggers began to appear. Nowadays, podcasts and microbloggers (regular users with thousands ‎of subscribers and more) are trending. They have not yet been ‎spoiled by offers, and advertising can still be negotiated through ‎barter or at an adequate price.‎

Both startups and large digital campaigns in Europe and the ‎United States focus specifically on podcasters and ‎microbloggers. ROI is high due to moderate ad prices and good ‎subscriber engagement.‎


Now, let’s find out how much bloggers earn on various social ‎platforms. Not for fun or idle curiosity, but for benefit and ‎inspiration. ‎

How much money do Youtubers make?‎

First of all, let’s forget about AdSense: with the average rate of $2 per 1000 ‎views there’s not a lot to go off. In addition, for partnering with YouTube, you need to ‎gain at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of views per year.‎

However, there are other profitable ways to make thousands of $ ‎through YouTube: selling advertising directly to companies and brands, ad integrations, and sponsored videos. Such methods are ‎suitable for more or less popular bloggers with at least a ‎minimal loyal audience. Statistics show: influencers with ‎‎50,000 to 100,000 subscribers ask for $ 50- $ 1,000 for one ‎commercial. If the subscribers’ numbers vary from 100k to ‎‎500k, the video costs up to $ 3,000. Super popular bloggers take ‎‎$ 125,000 for advertising and earn up to $ 26 million a year on ‎the channel.‎

Instagram influencers rates‎

On Instagram, monetization is done mainly through sponsored ‎posts/stories. Bloggers ask companies from $75 to $3000 per ‎post. A microblog with 1,000 followers is ready to place an ‎ad post for $ 80, and a “bigger fish” (an average influencer, up ‎to 50,000 followers) – for $ 271.‎


A survey of bloggers shows that micro-influencers (6,000-‎‎10,000 followers) are ready to make ads for an average of $88. ‎Bloggers with 250,000 to half a million followers ask for $ 670 ‎per post. The highest-paid Instagram blogger is Kylie Jenner. Her ad post ‎will cost $ 1.3 million. Ariana Grande takes almost a million ‎per post, Kim Kardashian – $ 910,000, Dwayne Johnson – $ ‎‎882,000, Justin Bieber – $ 722,000.‎

How TikTokers charge?‎

A profile with 40,000-80,000 subscribers can earn about $ 135 ‎per month. Other experts argue that the cost of TikTokers’ ‎earnings per post is from $500 to $ 20,000. ‎

Where else do influencers make money?‎

There is not much information about bloggers’ earnings on ‎other platforms like Facebook and other social media platforms.‎

On Twitter, an advertising post will cost from $ 1 to $ 10,000, ‎depending on the size and authority of the blogger.

Text bloggers make money in dozens of different ways, so it’s ‎extremely difficult to aggregate and bring together their income.‎

monetization and rewards

How to earn on Kindda

Kindda is the actively developing platform for creativity and monetization on its broadcast. In the format of short videos, bloggers demonstrate their sense of humor, unusual skills, and creative talents, and are simply rewarded for that. This is what makes Kindda unique among snack video apps. Here everyone is rewarded for their talent. With a unique reward system, you can level up your authority as a content creator!

Collect experience points-levels while creating and sharing short videos. You level up while participating in different activities. Leveling up your profile means boosting your credibility as a popular content creator. Participate in Kindda Quests. The most exciting part of Kindda! Complete mini-quests or missions to further expand your profile and receive special rewards for completed quests.


With upcoming updates, the app will have a unique monetization mechanism – implementing inner currency (rubies) for activities ‎and achievements. Coins ‎(Kindda rubies) are the internal currency of the social network. ‎The user either buys virtual coins or is rewarded with rubies for achievements. ‎Rubies can be exchanged for gifts, promotion, or used for other ‎purposes, and finally, they can be withdrawn, exchanged for real money.‎ Here in Kindda, everything works for more achievements, more awards, and more popularity.

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