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Top Video Challenges of 2021

Top Video Challenges of 2021

by Kindda Team

Looking for a cool way to get rid of boredom and promote your social media page? Then video challenges are just what you seek. Over the past year, this kind of amusement became more than just fun. Global lockdown caused by COVID-19 made people seek more online methods for connecting and entertaining with others, and video challenges on various social media platforms become a cool solution for those who seek fun interaction.

CHALLENGE is an invocation that one social network user throws to another using various types of content, aka video, photo, or a story. However, this tool is useful not only for a personal blog in attracting subscribers but also for businesses in engaging the target audience.

Why challenges are great for commercial promotion?

Social media platforms are a very prosperous territory for the development and promotion of any format projects. For creative industries, the social network has all the conditions: a very big audience to make a buzz, creative tools to attract the target audience. For promotion, you only need imagination and a smartphone. A very good example of commercial #videochallenge is Guess’s #inmydenim. Users filmed videos in which they first appeared in their usual clothes, and then changed into a fashionable look from the brand. The result is 30,000,000 targeted reach, and created 5,500 videos!



Top social media video challenges to try today

Lip Sync challenge

Lipsync is a simulation of singing to a music track. This format is lightweight and very popular among the users of almost all social media platforms, including Kindda. Our Kinnda talents love being creative and fun.  All you need is to choose a popular music track and add it to your video.

Transition challenge

Sticking fragments, which are used in transition challenge videos create a ‎feeling of magic momentum. ‎You can edit videos in different ways, for example, try sticking the bottom and top of the video to create a “jack” card effect. You can also pause the shooting and continue it by changing the environment and clothing.

Style Not Size challenge

This body-positive challenge was started by two friends, who wanted to showcase how the same outfit looks on different body types, showing the beauty of diversity and spreading confidence among female users.

Couples Swap Clothes challenge

This type of video challenge is created for a couple. In the first scene, a couple appears in their usual looks, then with a click, they exchange their clothes: a man appears in a woman’s look and a girl in a man’s. Now similar stories appear in new interpretations. For example, with the participation of grandmother and granddaughter, dad and son.

Dress Up challenge

One of the most popular trends in almost all social media platforms is #dressupchallenge. Here the idea is that a person’s images change with a click or with each jump/movement, however, the location and position of the hero remain unchanged. This trend is perfect for showcasing new clothes in online stores.

Duet or Remix Video challenge

This is a comparatively new challenge for singers/dancers who encourage other users to create similar media and remix it with the original one. Besides creativity, such videos are also fun, sometimes instead of imitation, users tease each other, showing inaccessibility to recreate the original video.

7 Days challenge

The point of the challenge is to fit your looks for a week into one video and invite followers to choose the best option. Publish the video using the hashtag #7dayschallenge. This challenge is a great advertising opportunity for brands and creators to find their audience.

Acting challenge

One of the most popular video challenges so far is an #actingchallenge under the music of Bea Miller – “Feel Something”. The essence of the challenge is a quick change of emotions accompanied by music. Check if you can be an actor.

Аurora Runaway challenge

Only lazy haven’t done yet a #runawaychallenge, seriously! The inseparable part of this challenge, of course, is Aurora’s famous “Runaway” track. In #runawaychallenge videos users pose against the sky, then an original background changes with fantastic universe views.

“Who is more...” couples challenge

This challenge is most popular among couples who challenge each other with questions. Usually, in “Who is more…” challenge couples sit in front of the camera with closed eyes and point to the one who is more romantic, faster, grumpier, etc.

Today, you don’t need to know some fancy techniques to make and edit ‎a cool video. Here on Kindda we have a bunch of filters ‎and tools for bursting out your creativity and finding like-minded mates. Get  access to the coolest collection of video effects and stickers to make your videos look even more attractive and fun. From retro to mirror effect, it’s so easy! Just press and hold and your videos are ready to blow the social media.

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