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Top 5 Trending Kindda Talents

Top 5 Trending Kindda Talents

by Kindda Team

We’ve been keeping a close eye on what’s trending on Kindda. Whether you’re new just wondering what’s hot and trending, check out this compilation of Kindda Talents.

Pro tip: See if you can outperform your fellow Kindda users in one of these categories in your next video!


Singing is a hot topic on Kindda and a major trend. Many users like to lip-sync to their favourite Indian pop song or Bollywood movie tune. People also like to add comedy into the mix and be funny and overexaggerate their gestures while they sing.

Use the Music Library to plug in your favourite tune over a video of your lipsync. Here are some of our latest singing stars:


Oh, and don’t forget those dance moves. On Kindda, we take dancing seriously – and by seriously, we mean SERIOUS FUN! It can be an oldie Bollywood dance, the latest dance craze or even something you just made up in your bedroom. Film a video of your latest moves and try to challenge your followers to dance till they drop!

Funny Stories

Short scenes are also a great idea for your next video. They immediately catch the eye when someone is scrolling through their feed and it’s a nice opportunity to create something comical. Grab your friend and think of a silly scenario.

Once you film it, you can add effects to make it even funnier. For example, try to increase the speed of the video so both your movements and voices play faster.

Transition Editing

Transition editing is by far one of the biggest crazes across many platforms. The editing is so catchy and satisfying, everyone wants to watch. So why not give it a try?

An example of transition editing is a short video where you stand still, then jump and suddenly appear in another outfit or when you go from having nothing in your hand to a great big present.

Cut out parts of your video, then drag and drop to create the order you want. 

Check out this video to get a better idea:

Movie Scene Acting

If you’re a movie lover or an avid Bollywood fan, this Talent is for you. On Kindda, users have a love of reacting to scenes from their favourite movies. And there are two ways you can go about doing this. Either take a snippet from the actual movie and add a voice recording of your dialogue improvisations. Or reenact the scene itself with you and your friends. This gives you a chance to get creative with costumes and maybe even change what they say.

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