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Why Short Dance Videos Are So Popular ?

3 Reasons Why Short Dance Videos Are So Popular

by Kindda Team

As someone not millennial and already in her 20s, I used to ask myself very often why short dance videos are so popular on social media. And, apparently, since you are here, then you too. No surprise why we are curious. We all see how easy it is from the side to start a channel or an account enticing audience with your dance videos. The wave of youngsters starting with simplistic short dance videos and ending up as business owners, is an interesting phenomenon of our times. And it is ok to question this phenomenon and look for the answers. So here are 3 reasons why short dance videos are so popular now and will be in the future.

#1. Free Time Gap

Those of you who are working or studying will definitely understand the point. Usually when you are overwhelmed with work, you seek a way to escape from the assignment for a short time (not because you are bad at what you do, but simply because you are a human). It lets your brain take a break and come back to work or lessons refreshed. Since your break is not enough to read a few pages of your favorite writer’s book and watch a YouTube tutorial on cooking, you seek something shorter and lighter for your brain to digest. Here come the dance videos, that make no sense and do not need your focus – simply watching and feeling the rhythm. 

#2. Need For Fun Time

In a world where most of the people still work from home or are isolated due to the pandemic, having a fun and active lifestyle becomes a vital part of existence. Though stuck in the houses with limited space, people try to be active and enjoy every second of their lives like before. They can have fun by dancing or shooting the videos, filling their lives with hobbies and learning new skills. On the other hand, the users that never create their own videos will be the passive bearers of the dance or activity. They watch it and transfer the actions on their personas. In other words watching other people dance is the imitation of their own dance and energy. In both cases the videos charge the person with energy and positivity. 

#3. Sense Of Belonging

We are all living in the world of globalization, however our need for belonging to a particular culture has never been cancelled. Due to the culture of short videos and dances, certain age groups create their social bubbles. Usually the bubbles consist of youngsters aged 14-26 who experiment and want to find their identity in the world where identities are lost. This way the teenagers and adults organize their groupings and socialize with each other following the dancing pattern, Hence the short videos are famous as they represent the modern culture and the groups that seek their belonging.

Taking into account the fact that we all live on the same planet, it is extremely important to try to understand the ideas that ‘keep’ our world rotating. Even if it is hard to comprehend this or that phenomenon it is crucial to take the first step. As someone who was born in the 90s, the idea of viral dance videos always have been alien to me. However, after a quick analysis, the puzzle finds its missing parts. 


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