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how to make your videos go viral on social media

How to Make Your Videos Go Viral on Social Media

by Kindda Team

It is a common truth that videos are the most powerful marketing tools ‎ever. In the case of viral videos the positive effect on the audience triples. Why? Because they have the strongest impact on our brain. The human brain collects memories and impressions based on association ‎‎(visual, auditory, gustatory, etc.), and the strongest of them all is visual, ‎of course. That’s why we better remember video ads than their text or ‎audio version.‎ The viral video promotes itself at no additional cost. People love to share interesting videos on social networks with friends. This increases the audience of potential customers exponentially and increases trust.

The effect of a competent video sequence on the brain is similar to a ‎velcro consisting of many loops and hooks. The more associations a ‎viewer relates to while watching a video, the more response it gets.‎


What is a viral video and what are the mechanisms of its impact? Why do ‎we watch some videos “to holes”, share them with friends, leave ‎comments, while others, filmed with high quality and even with meaning, ‎we ignore? In fact, there are more than 100 hours of video content ‎uploaded on YouTube every minute, but only 0.06% of it goes viral. So ‎how to make a video go viral? Is going viral just a coincidence, or … ‎magic? ‎

What is a viral video

Many people think that a video with a lot of views is already viral. Well, ‎that is only partly true. ‎


A popular video goes viral due to audience engagement in discussion, ‎reposts, parodies, and active press attention. Therefore, good content ‎creators are guided by the user’s reaction when creating such videos.‎

So how to go viral?‎

First of all let us agree that here we’re not going to discuss the factor of ‎luck, because going viral is mainly the result of hard and research-based ‎work. However, while there are certain strategies and steps for going viral, ‎there’s no proven and single algorithm to blow the internet. Otherwise, ‎most of the video content would become viral, for sure. The good news ‎here is that smart strategic planning and marketing schemes can ensure ‎your creation’s success!‎

Strategic planning

As with any of marketing tools, implying budget, the video content ‎creation needs a preparation:‎


  • Setting a precise goal for the video desired impact (sales, promotion, ‎brand recognition, new followers’ engagement, etc.). ‎

  • Target audience research (who they are, why they should watch ‎your video, what is the desired reaction/impact of the content).‎

THE idea

All we know – everything starts with an idea.‎


There must be a catchy idea behind the video, perhaps, revealing the ‎essence of quite ordinary things, but from an unusual angle.‎


For example, from the angle of a man in a twine :) Van Damme collected ‎more than 87 million not only because he is Van Damme, but also ‎because a team of professionals who knew a lot about virality worked on ‎the Volvo video. This is the perfect disclosure of the advertising message ‎with the help of the talent of the star and the incredible script.‎

No fakes, only true stories

Interaction with the viewer, interactivity, and other non-standard features ‎are something rare and unusual. This is what we most willingly share ‎with friends.‎

The main criterion for virality is the honesty and absolute sincerity of the ‎author. Only shoot what you like and only say what you think.‎


Going viral first of all means engaging your audience emotionally. No ‎matter what reaction you generate. It’s more important that the visual ‎sequence collects strong emotions. Emotions are what video makers stake ‎on when working on the material: the viewer needs to be surprised, ‎impressed, moved, or amused.‎

The first 5 seconds are everything

All viral videos have something in common. Do you want to know what? ‎The first several seconds decide whether the viewer will continue ‎to watch, or will swipe away. If the first seconds of the video is catchy, ‎interesting, emotional, or even shocking it’s more likely, the viewer will ‎stay to the very end and even take action. In a word, they stuck your ‎attention, not allowing you to swipe or change the visual.‎

Keep it short

The growing audience of short video-making apps are paving the way for the snack video format. Authors ‎with authentic and captivating clips attract attention for a few seconds. ‎The new short video format is the choice of brands looking to respond ‎quickly to events, create situational content and reach new audiences.‎

Release date

All we know is that content posted during certain days or even hours is ‎more likely to have tremendous reach. A video can go viral if it just comes out at the right time, for example, during a significant political or social event, or a holiday. There are lots ‎of examples that the right chosen release date and hour ensured video to ‎get shared and talked by millions.‎


This is a very controversial issue. Some think that viral video promotes ‎itself, some – that seeding is necessary.‎


However, one thing is precise – the seeding process is properly planned ‎and organized. Here, it is vitally important to:‎


  • Find the right target audience for the primary seeding;‎

  • Find the rightest social media platforms to post a video;‎

  • Act quickly, especially in the early days.‎

Which format is suitable for viral videos

It can be anything, however, researches show the following formats have ‎a high viral potential:‎


  • Music video

  • Sketch, parody

  • Social video

  • Mini movie

As we talked earlier, there are no proven algorithms or steps that assure ‎video to go viral, however, those metrics that we have pointed out will ‎give you a chance to create video content that would more likely be loved ‎and impact many or even will go viral. ‎

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