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How to celebrate the upcoming Indian festivals with Kindda

How to celebrate the upcoming Indian festivals with Kindda

by Kindda Team

India – a land of 1000 and one aromas, spices, colors, and … well, gods. Indians like to celebrate various colorful festivals, religious and national holidays worth visiting, indeed, or even participating in. The unique Indian atmosphere leaves its mark on the organization of Indian holidays and summer festivals. Indeed, the local flavor guarantees a lot of unforgettable impressions and positive emotions not only for locals, but for people who manage to find themselves amid festive events. In this article we have compiled for you a list of the brightest and most beautiful upcoming Indian festivals. Here we go!

A billion people - a million festivals

In fact, India is inhabited by more than a billion people. Each of them is unlike any other. Moreover, each has its destiny, responsibilities, and duties, collectively called dharma, a term that is so difficult to understand for a European.

From Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, from Bengal to Rajasthan, people are so different from each other in terms of ethnicity, in religion, in the way of life. Even the manner of dressing is varying from region to region.

To tell the truth, folk festivals are a very important social element here in India, the connecting and uniting element, a powerful tool for uniting castes, peoples, and beliefs.

Raksha Bandhan

Date: August 22


Indians have very strong family values and traditions. Moreover, they have a special festival devoted to a strong brother-sister bond. The festival is known as Raksha Bandhan, which tributes the special connection between siblings. In fact, it demonstrates the love and duty within family members. The main ritual of the holiday consists of tying the talisman, called Rakhi, around the brother’s wrist. By this, the sister wishes her brother’s well-being and prosperity, while the brother vows to be a protector for her and help in all problems. Whether it is Rakhi bond tying or fancy dance, Kindda is here to fix the moment and show it to the world!

raksha bandhan

Krishna Janmashtami

Date: August 30 and 31


Krishna Janmashtami or Indian Christmas is the next most beloved and celebrated festival in India. During the Janmashtami, Indians fast, sing traditional songs, pray together, prepare special food, stay awake in the night. According to the myth Krishna was born in the night, that’s why Indians visit the temples of the deity in the midnight. The festival symbolizes not only a carefree joy, restoration of spiritual values, and harmony, but the event to demonstrate bright outfits and crazy dances. Indeed, Kindda is here to perpetuate the moment. Film special religious dances, festival food preparation, or yourself in a Krishna costume and share the video on Kindda.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Date: September 10


One of the brightest holidays in the Indian calendar is the birthday of Lord Ganesha. Every year, a colorful festival called Ganesha Chaturthi takes place, where the people of India worship the deity and pray for his well-being. The event is accompanied by the different kinds of Ganpati Visarjan Dances, musical and poetry performances. Surely all of these performances are worth filming and posting on Kindda. What can be brighter than a fancy Ganpati Visarjan Dance? Don’t forget also about your Ganpati statue and worshipping ceremony.

Festivals have a special place for Indian culture as species for their cuisine. As a center of ancient culture and beliefs, Indians are always eager to have fun, making big festivals. Whether we talk about colorful Holi or flowerful Ganesh Chaturthi, all festivals are celebrated in a very Indian manner, full of joy and dances.


To capture these colorful festivals straight from your phone via Kindda, use the platform’s various tools and Kindda Effects kit, create fancy short films worth being featured.


Shoot your videos, post them on Kindda under the hashtags of #kinddafestival, and share your emotions with the world!

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