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eid al-fatr celebration during covid

How To Celebrate Eid ul Fitr During COVID

by Kindda Team

Eid ul Fitr is a major public holiday in India and across the Muslim world. As Ramadan draws to a close, many will be looking forward to the end of fasting and prayer. Traditionally, Eid ul Fitr is marked by visiting friends or family, going to the mosque, and other public places.


And while the world is still going through a pandemic, many of these celebrations might be contained or limited gatherings of only a few people. Depending on where you are in the world, you might even be stuck in a total lockdown! However, there are still ways to safely celebrate. Check out this Eid ul Fitr celebration guide – Covid edition, with a Kindda flare!

Stay Connected - Create a Celebratory Message

The time leading up to Eid ul Fitr is a time of prayer and thought. If you’ve been meditating on a subject and want to share your thoughts, what better way than to shoot a video. Share your thoughts with your friends on Kindda and fellow users. Want to send a wish or greeting? This is the perfect time to. Decorate your video with stickers whenever you shout out a friend or wish someone well.

Share the Menu - Post Photos of What You Cook

Even though you may not be able to have as many friends over as you like, you can still entertain virtually. Just post a photo of your favorite dishes. Maybe you can even include the recipe using Kindda’s long-read option.

Look Your Best - Dress for the Holidays & Snap a Pic

Just because you may not be leaving your home this year doesn’t mean you should stay in sweatpants. Put on your most festive gear and snap a photo. Or! Try creating a transition video where you “jump” into different outfits.

Be Chivalrous - Help the Needy

Since most malls and stores are closed, it might be a good time to clean out your closet and revisit all the items you don’t need. If you’re able, donate to charity and capture the essence of holiday cheer with a video. Use the video and an appropriate hashtag to “challenge” your friends to do the same.


No matter how you choose to celebrate, use Kindda to stay connected this holiday season!

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