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How to take Delicious Photos on Kindda

How to Take Delicious Photos on Kindda

by Kindda Team

The food scene has definitely changed over the years. Food was once something you just ate. Now it’s become a major part of online culture and the topic of many social media posts. Whether you want to show off the latest dish you had for dinner or a DIY of how to cook one of your favorite recipes, snapping a quick photo of something tasty can be a great way to balance out your Kindda profile! 

With this piece, we want to give you an insider’s guide on what the latest food trends are so you know what posts get the most attention, as well as some hints and tips on how to take delicious food photos. Unleash the foodie in you with this ultimate guide:

Trend #1: Ugly Delicious

Thanks to Asian-American chef David Chang, ‘Ugly Delicious’ is a real thing and a major hashtag. (There’s even a whole Netflix show dedicated to the topic.) This trend encourages you to show your food as it is without dressing it up too much or making it particularly attractive. If it tastes good, snap a photo with #UglyDelicious and post!

burgers, chicken wings and fries

Trend #2: Color Your Posts

Southeast Asia is full of exotic fruits and vegetables with unbelievable colors. And what better way to show them off than by snapping a pic. Dragon fruit, the inside of a mango, a blood orange are all eye candy to your followers! You can also add play with the saturation and contrast features to really make your photos pop.

dragon fruit

Trend #3: Props make the Pic

Props are a key element in food photography. Sometimes it’s not about the main dish but about what surrounds it. So one idea you can try is to feature your favorite dish in the center and fill the edges with what it takes to make the dish, like a dollop of yogurt, spices, oil, and eggs. People love to see what goes into the process. 

kinda blog

Trend #4: Food Created by the People

Food is something we eat, but more often than not it’s something we make! So if you’re wondering if your followers are interested in your kitchen secrets, the answer is yes! The most down-to-earth recipe you make at home is something that many of your followers will find relatable. 

Kindda app has a long-read feature. That means you can easily write out an entire recipe in your captions.

Hint: You can also make a few posts that talk about your favorite ingredients to use. Like Ghee! And let’s not forget about a nice Daal! 

kidda blog

Trend #5 If it Looks Good, it Tastes Good

Remember, we eat with our eyes! Since users can’t touch, taste, or smell the recipes you share, what they see is all the more important. So remember to:


  • Take photos under natural light
  • Move around to find the best light source
  • Try taking photos from multiple angles
  • Clean up and minimize clutter (yes that means the background too)
avocado toast

Final Tips

Aside from being authentic, original, and showing your personality, make sure to befriend other users on Kindda and help each other out. You won’t be the only foodie on Kindda, so don’t isolate yourself. Keep in touch with other users, ask for advice when you need and offer helpful feedback where you can. 

Hopefully, these tips give you a bit more insight into the world of food photos. If you’re already a full-fledged internet foodie, let us know what you think is key to success in the comments below!

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