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Boost Your Creativity by Mastering Kindda Effects Kit

Boost Your Creativity by Mastering Kindda Effects Kit

by Kindda Team

To make a name for yourself as an outstanding Kindda content creator is easier than you can imagine! For doing this you have to master our numerous spectacular tools that are specially made to boost your creativity and make your Kindda experience even cooler, brighter, and just fantastic!

First of all, Kinnda has almost all the standard editing tools that existed in other video editing apps, however, what makes Kindda unique is its special built-in features and tools to help your videos to take off all the laurels of Kindda talent

Well, are you ready? Let’s see together how to boost your creativity to the next level!

How to shoot video in Kindda - 5 easy steps

You can make your first video without professional editing knowledge. There are two main ways: to shoot and edit a video directly in the application or upload a finished video from the gallery to Kindda. First, let’s figure out how to shoot a video right in the application.

Step 1

Open the app and just click on the plus button for all the video creation options.
step 1

Step 2

Create your video. Tell a funny life story or show a cat stuck in a window frame. If necessary, use filters, a timer, an appearance enhancer, change the speed – all these settings are located on the side panel, they are easy to use. Just click on the appropriate icon and go to the settings.

step 2

Step 3

Once you’ve captured the video, click on the donе icon. A video editing window will open, where you can use filters, cut videos in unnecessary places, adjust light, speed and sound. If everything suits you, click on the donе icon and head to the final part.

step 3

Step 4

Let’s add the finishing touches and your video is ready to be published. And here’s my favorite part – Kindda Effects kit! Seriously, they are just fantastic! These effects can make a juicy, special, and just amazing track from an ordinary video, able to blow up your audience.

Just click on the Effects button at bottom of the screen and let’s experiment. From Old TV to the Hallucinations effect, they are all hilarious! You can add more than one effect without layering them. This is what makes Kindda Effects kit unique!

step 4

Step 5

Add a description, hashtags, whatever you want, and upload your creation into the Kindda stream! You’ve done it!

Masters of Kindda Effects Kit

Here’s how our users master the Effects kit.

Dancing videos are fun with Kindda Hallucinations effects!



Ask our users how to make a perfect alternative trailer for your favorite series!


Light summer bits and music videos with Kindda Particle, Flash, and Old TV effects are just fantastic!


Shakira and Kindda effects are made for one another! Here’s how Shakira’s dancing video is edited with Flash, Spring, and Hallucinations effects.


This guy knows exactly how to make a lip sync video using several Kindda Effects in one video!

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