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6 Steps to Making the Best Birthday Video Ever

6 Steps to Making the Best Birthday Video Ever

by Kindda Team

Looking for a way to surprise your friend for their next birthday? Try making a super birthday video! Nowadays, most of our friends wake up scrolling through social media anyway. So imagine your friend opens Kindda. Wouldn’t it be great if the first thing they saw was a loving b-day video. Check out these ideas from one of the best birthday video makers!

Share a Memory

If you have a video of something weird, funny or memorable you did together, now is the time to pull it out of your phone archives. Use the video editor on Kindda to montage your memory into the video. For example, you could start with a wish or two and then cut to your favourite moment together.

Location & Background

The background of your video can make a huge impact on the person watching. Try to film at the person’s favourite location. And if that’s not possible, get creative! Say if your friend loves the beach, but you can’t get near one, use a warm filter and maybe create a palm tree from some things you have at home.

Sing & Dance

Everyone loves a good karaoke or dance party. Make your friend laugh with some lines from their favourite pop song or some moves from the latest Bollywood dance craze. Try playing the video saturation or introducing some texts or stickers to make it even more entertaining.

Say something sweet

It’s always nice when you receive messages of love on your birthday. So make sure to add a compliment or two to your Kindda video about how awesome your friend is. Feel free to dose that part with lots of heart emojis and maybe even include a sweet background song.

Have Fun

If there’s an inside joke or secret handshake you guys love, film it! Think of this video as a time capsule of your best moments. At the end of the video, you can even include a speed-up BLOOPERS reel.

Get others to join!

Birthday’s are best celebrated in numbers. So you can even use a special hashtag and get several of your friends to do a small video tribute to your birthday boy or girl. Turn your friends birthday into a viral trend on Kindda & create a new memory this year!

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