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5 Tips to Make Fancy Summer Videos on Kindda

5 Tips to Make Fancy Summer Videos on Kindda

by Kindda Team

Going on a trip or just spending your summertime with friends, wanting to capture the best moments on video? It couldn’t be easier, because you can shoot and edit any video using Kindda and your smartphone. In this article, we’ll show you how to extract the very cream from the video material.


“What you did this summer” has a short and fancy answer, and this is not a long and boring story. Instead of telling, just show it or send your friend to Kindda!

Tips to make your summer videos look just fascinating!

1. Keep it short

In the short video era, people love to embrace the very core of the events in just a few seconds. Thanks, Kindda has all the tools to shorten your long summer adventures and show the major and most important events in just a minute.

2. Shoot a lot

You filmed bathing, sunbathing on the beach, going on an excursion. Now the time has come for variety and exclusivity. Shoot what seems insignificant – a dog who accidentally ran into your hotel reception, a souvenir seller on the beach, a cafe you love for dinner, children playing ball in the middle of the street … a million things can be noticed if you are a little more attentive. These frames will make the film about your summer truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

3. Experiment with angles

Experiment with shots by playing with different angles. Try kneeling down and shooting from the bottom up, go up to the topmost floor (or rooftop, if possible) and shoot cityscapes, use a wall or trellis as a guideline, etc.

4. Use a monopod

This is the only additional equipment that we advise you to purchase. With it, you’ll have action freedom, and be able to shoot a huge company in one shot, and if you are traveling alone, then the monopod is an invaluable assistant.

5. Edit your video with Kindda

No one will ever watch the hours of your footage to the end. For making your videos interesting and fascinating to watch, it’s necessary to cut and edit them into a short interesting video. Use Kindda to get the most interesting and watchable short stories ever. First of all, Kinnda has almost all the standard editing tools that exist in other video editing apps, however, what makes Kindda unique is its special built-in features and Kindda Effect kit to make your video editing experience unlimited.

These effects can make a juicy, special, and just amazing track from an ordinary video, able to blow up your audience.

Just click on the Effects button at bottom of the screen and let’s experiment. From Old TV to the Hallucinations effect, they are all hilarious! You can add more than one effect without layering them. This is what makes Kindda Effects kit special!

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